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"Despite the profound changes in business, consumer behaviors, and marketing methods, many franchise national marketing funds haven’t been updated to reflect the changes."
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Parallel Path | Franchise Ripe for Disruption Whitepaper

When it comes to national marketing fund management, two primary models are used by franchise companies - a centralized model and a decentralized model. The decentralized model - allowing franchisees to manage their contributions - may be easier on the franchisor, but it violates two basic tenets of franchising; control and leveraging economies-of-scale.

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The findings and insights of this whitepaper have been developed from:

Parallel Path - Webinar Topics

Years of extensive agency support of franchise companies

Parallel Path - Webinar Topics

Extensive interviews with senior executives across a wide spectrum of franchise brands

Parallel Path - Webinar Topics

Comprehensive analysis of nearly one hundred Franchise Disclosure Documents (“FDD’s”).

Researched and written by Louie Beaupre, a franchise industry executive and Franchise Strategic Consultant at Parallel Path, this whitepaper is for any franchise company owner or executive who is looking for competitive advantages and growth opportunities through the leveraging of their national marketing fund.

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About Parallel Path

Parallel Path is a digital marketing agency with expertise in helping franchise companies implement high-performing centralized national marketing funds. We deliver measurable results using a collaborative, data-driven approach in support of our clients’ digital transformation to their business and marketing activities. As a result our clients are able to leverage smarter insights, and make more effective decisions. This leads externally to an increase in customer awareness, acquisition, and retention. Internally, it strengthens the company culture - cutting costs, improving performance, and reducing turnover.